1. Know Your Numbers

The why, where and how to get pre-approved

One of the most heartbreaking things in real estate is having a couple find their dream home after a long time looking but having the deal fall apart because they were not pre-approved for a loan. I've seen buyers lose out to their bids because they didn't do the most important step first... get pre-approved.

The first thing I do with my new buying clients is walk them throught he pre-approval process. I do this for the following reasons:

  • Pre-approval identifies what the future homeowner can afford.
  • Pre-approval allows the transaction to go through quicker and with less problems
  • Pre-approval let's you in the front door. Some sellers won't show houses until the buyer is even preapproved
It's a simple step that every buyer should do before they even start looking. Most of the time when a buyer hasn't been pre-approved for a loan, it is because they either don't know the process or where to begin. This is where I come in. I make this process as easy as possible. I walk my clients through every step of the process and get them pre-approved for their dream home. If you are just beginning your search, let me guide you in the process today!
Get Pre-Approved

2. Let Us Do The Leg Work

Time is your most valuable asset. Don't waste it on bad houses

Often there are hundreds or even thousands of potential properties for sale that can match your criteria. My role is to help you sort the through the noise to find just the right house. It starts with going over what you are looking for in a home. We discuss areas such as price, location, size, age of the house, schools, how much maitenance is needed. Next I gather the first cut of potential listing for you to review. Once the list is narrowed down, we will review the property ourselves to see if there are any probelms or issues that may take it off the list. If a home still makes the cut, then I personally will take you the home walk through it with you, helping you identify opprtunites, issues or simply answer your questions. I am there to help you in every step of the way. We offer this executive class service at no cost to you.

3. Know The Area

Let a local expert provide you a deeper knowledge and wisdom

Not only do we work in the St. Charles Fox Valley area, we live there too! We specialize in the Fox Valley area because we know the area. Our children attend these schools. We know the best parks, trails, stores, hangouts. Let our love for the area help guide you in finding your new home. We will give you reports on how the schools rank with each other. We can highlight where are great parks and events for kids. We know this because we live this. Contact us today and we will help you find your dream home and give you the inside scoop on the best places for having fun with kids or great places to just get away.

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